Requirements for the Major

Eight units are required.

Required Courses

CES 200: Argument with the Given (key concepts)
CES 240: Language: The Colonial and Imperial Difference
CES 260: Insurgency, Solidarity and Coloniality of Power
CES 490: CES Senior Colloquium

Four Electives chosen from Critical Ethnic Studies Elective List:

ANSO 270 Communities and Schools
ANSO 357 Immigrants and Exiles
ANSO 420 Boarder Epistemologies
ENGL 150 RTW*: Beyond Realism: Imperial Romance
ENGL 155 RTW*: Identities
ENGL 156 Reading the World: Social Justice
ENGL 220 African American Literature
ENGL 221 African Literatures
ENGL 222 American Indian Literatures
ENGL 230 US Ethnic Literature
ENGL 260 African Cinemas
ENGL 310 Constructing Blackness
ENGL 318 Post-colonial Literatures
ENGL 323 Chicana/o Literature
ENGL 331 East Asian Diasporic Literatures
ENGL 435 Advanced Literary Studies: American Indian Literature and the Law
GERM 430 Contemporary German Minority Cultures
GERM 435 Minority Cultures in Germany
POLS 229 Race, Law, & US Politics
RELG 120 Religion in the Early U.S.
RELG 121 Religion in the Modern U.S.
RELG 122 Religions of Latin America (and the Caribbean)
RELG 123 Catholicism in the Americas
RELG 221 Black Religious Experience in the Americas
WGS 390: Feminist and Queer Inquiry

*Courses taught as part of the RTW series in the English Department must be approved of by CES Director. Only those RTW courses taught by Drs. Salinas and Sinha will be approved.

Courses that fit into the major will be designated CES courses under course type. The elective lists will continue to develop. For a list of current electives please consult the Critical Ethnic Studies website.

Courses taken at other U.S. colleges and universities, or on Study Abroad, may count for an elective course. We usually only accept one transfer credit toward the major. Please speak with the Director of the program for final approval and clarification.